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The MISSION of ABREP to provide career development opportunities for all real estate professionals in Central Texas, promote ‘Democracy in Housing’ and homeownership within the community, and serve the underserved and underrepresented.

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The Goal of to positively impact our business practices and therefore the services and resources we provide to our clients by partnering with various agencies in the Austin area. We strive to maintain an active role in the community by offering education, training, home ownership assistance and consultative services while advocating for democracy in housing and access to affordable housing.

Women Investing In Real Estate (W.I.R.E.)

NAREB has identified Black women as a high-potential target market group of consumers to reach and penetrate to focus their attention on spending power on investing in real estate, pursuing home ownership, and growing existing practitioners’ careers in real estate...


Generational Wealth Building

NAREB understands that wealth building concepts, plans, and execution should be addressed on a multi-generational basis...


Faith Based & Community Engagement

Over 75% of Black Americans surveyed by Pew Research reported that they are affiliated with a religious organization in their respective community. A large percentage of professional Black Americans belong to a civic or professional organization...

Diversity & Inclusion Small Business

The majority of NAREB members are small businesses that qualify for most diversity and inclusion initiatives. We will focus our attention on educating and informing NAREB members about the income generation possibilities available through minority certifications and minority procurement opportunities...

Government Relations & Advocacy

Over the course of NAREB’s rich history, barriers to homeownership have been identified, addressed, and eliminated based upon the association’s commitment to advocacy on behalf of equality and opportunity in our profession and for Black Americans seeking homeownership of their choice...

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The SHIBA Report is very comprehensive. It provides a detail view into the real numbers and facts that impact and impede Black families from realizing the dream of homeownership. NAREB is committed to changing the statistics through our members and industry relationships. Our goal is to continue to show Black families the issues which affect them, and bring solutions to overcome these barriers.

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